The pieces that comprise "Melancholy Music for Children" could really be better described as "Melancholy Music for the Intermediate Pianist". The project originated from the idea that beginning to intermediate pianists are not offered a good range of music.  The music is usually in a major key and tends to target a limited level of maturity.

"Melancholy Music for Children" provides a more sophisticated alternative to the music that might be available for early/intermediate pianists. This piano sheet music should be used as a stepping stone to composers such as Erik Satie, and eventually, Ludwig von Beethoven and Frederick Chopin.

The music can be downloaded as individual works for personal use for no charge. Downloaded music can be listened to and viewed via the scorch browser plug-in player which also allows the piece of music to be printed on a local printer. Please check back with us periodically as the selection of music expands. We also provide links to music by other composers/pieces who have a similar aesthetic.

There is no charge for the music on this site for personal use. We do accept donations to help support the web site. Anyone donating $15 or more will receive "Melancholy Music for Children" in printed form. The printed form also includes a section with "Suggestions for performance" that is not available elsewhere.

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